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Friday, February 25, 2011

Judge Blames Victim For Sexual Assault: Convicted Perpetrator Receives No Jail Time

As reported today by the Winnipeg Free Press, a convicted rapist will not being going to jail because, according to the judge's sentencing, because the perpetrator was simply "insensitive to the fact that [she] was not a willing participant," and didn't even bother to threaten her with a weapon.

Judge Dewar went on to further blame the victim by saying that she sent signals that "sex was in the air." And that there were "inviting circumstances" that the victim created by being at a bar wearing high heels and a tube top.

Dewar went on to further dismiss and minimize the perpetrator's behavior by saying that it was "a case of misunderstood signals and inconsiderate behaviors."

So, let's see what we've learned from this judge:

1) It's not a "real" rape if there isn't a weapon or threats of death used.

2) Women invite people to sexually assault them, or, they do if they go to the wrong place or wear the wrong things. For example, if they leave the home, or stop wearing a burka.

3) Sometimes sexual assault is just "inconsiderate," like not holding the door for someone. Not all sexual assault is bad or morally reprehensible.

And, if you are not disgusted at this from a victim-centered standpoint, think of what this means for men as a whole. Like one of the commentators wrote, this judge has assumed that "all men are just oblivious, bumbling, opportunistic predators" who lack "common sense, decency, and free will." And therefore, if you "put anything mildly attractive in front of their face, and they can't help but start raping."


  1. I'd like to read the original court papers. I'm having problems believing the Winnipeg Free Press has not made a mistake in its report of this case.

  2. I can believe it, easily. We work with victims to provide court/legal advocacy, and this is not exactly uncommon. Most judges just aren't so blatant about it.

  3. Christ! It doesn't often get much more sickening than that.

  4. They are trying for a repeal. CBC aired the protesters views. Made me cry, like I do when I hear of anyone standing up for human rights.

    The victim didn't even hear what they judge said until the media aired it. Coward. Among other words.

    The judge's reasoning was that she wore a tube top without a bra. Well, I spent an entire summer wearing a tube top with no bra. I was 5.
    Guess I was asking for it.

  5. Paul: I completely agree.

    prarienymph: Thank you for the update. I'm so sorry it made you cry, but I love to hear when people stand up against institutions like that to demand fair treatment.

  6. Unfortunately, there are still a lot of people - and not all of them older generation - who think like Judge Dewar.