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Monday, February 21, 2011

I'm Judging You + Your Pot

Am I the only one left who is still judgmental about this drug?

Okay, okay.
I know. Perfectly nice people smoke pot.

And, it doesn't hurt anyone.

And, it's not really that different from alcohol.
Certainly, not much more harmful, anyhow.

So, stop being judgmental.
I don't judge you about your cake, fatty.

Alright. Alright.
Give me a chance to explain.


You're not supposed to smoke pot!
Remember: This is your brain on drugs!

And, stoners...they're underachievers!
And they smell like smoke.

It was the bad kids in high school who smoked.
And, it seems like a lame coping skill.

And, it's annoying.


Yeah. It seems like they don't want to do anything that isn't "420 friendly."

Okay. I don't have great reasons.
They're probably the same ones that people's parents give.

But, I'm still gonna judge you.

Maybe it isn't right.

But I'm judging you and your pot.

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