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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Finally, A Fetish Ice Cream.

If you were hoping for some sort of "Twilight" themed blood vampire flavor,
you are still, unfortunately, going to have to wait.

But, if you have a lactation fetish, there is good news! Yes, just what you've been hoping for, ice cream made from human breast milk.

Apparently, they're keeping the flavoring simple (maybe so you can really enjoy that straight-from-the-bosom taste?) using only vanilla and lemon zest along with Victoria Hiley's milk.*

*Side Note: Victoria was the first donor, but other women are now coming
forward to offer their breast milk. According to the Daily Mail, women who
donate are being compensated 15 British Pounds for every 10 ounces of milk.
(Always good to see new career choices in a sagging economy!)

Looking forward to trying this delicious treat for yourself? Well, as of right now, you'll have to wait until they make the next batch. Despite selling for a relatively expensive 14 British Pounds - or $22.50 USD - per serving, the store has sold out of their newest flavor.


  1. Wow, as a breastfeeding mom with saggy squirty mammaries, I'm now a fetish! yay?
    btw- breast milk really is sweet.

  2. I'd tell you to google it, but it might be a little bit scarring.

    Does that mean you'd eat some breast milk ice cream?

  3. Well, seeings as how I ate my own placenta, I'd eat it. But I hate pumping, so I'd prolly not make it.
    I don't see how its a fetish though. It's just nutritious. What makes something a fetish?