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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Born Gay

There's a relatively new blog, started in January 2011, entitled "Born This Way!" The blog features pictures of people, when they were children, who self-identify as LGBTQ, and provides their narrative accompanying the picture - usually focusing on how/when they discovered that they were gay.

Most of the pictures are very cute.

And many of them seem rather stereotypical.

But even more interesting than the pictures, many of the essays accompanying the pictures are incredibly touching, like from this post, where Txus writes about her one-year-old self,

"I love this poor, sweet, queer girl -
because back then I didn't know
that life could be so hard for tender
and different people."

This blog is worth a look, especially for the stories of self-acceptance, and maybe for a laugh or two at some of the picture.

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