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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

How much is your life worth?

Remember that post where I mentioned that women's lives are worth 2/3rds of mens?

Well, according to the pay outs to families of 9/11 victims, it is not just based on your gender: you also are more valuable according to the paycheck you were already earning and your occupation.

So, we don't have classes in America, right?


  1. "So, we don't have classes in America, right?"

    You sure must hate America, Astasia. You dream of making it better. Can you get more un-American than that?

    Seriously, I was recently talking over the net to someone from another nation. I felt there was something screwy in what he was saying. Then it came to me: He had no dreams. No visions. No sense or feeling that things could be improved. None.

    Even most American conservatives think they can change things for the better.

    I'm not saying we're superior to him. Just that his attitude seemed in stark contrast to what's pretty much typical here.

  2. Paul, don't out me as an America-hater! I was trying to keep that a secret!

    I think it's a very 'American' quality to always be striving for improvement - of self or country. I'm not sure everywhere shares that same pressure to always have and do better.

    Some other places seem better at being content with how things are. (Sometimes, I wish I could be more like that, honestly.)

  3. @ Paul:
    I agree that complacency is not a good thing. That's what American exceptionalism is, and it drives me nuts.