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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Return of the Lesbians

So, I've been in absentia for the holidays.

And my life has been alternatively amazingly wonderful (Shinobi and I are engaged) and pretty crappy (Shinobi's family has rained on our parade, and work has been quite emotionally taxing).

I think I've been hesitant to write because I feel that I somehow should only put out amazing pieces of prose. But, let's face it: at this point, no one is going to read this anyhow. So, the pressure is off and I can just put words out there.

Plus, Shinobi started blogging again. And it makes me feel like a slacker.

So, I'm back, I guess. And maybe I'll write interesting things, maybe I'll be boring, and maybe I'll just post recipes. But, whatever it is, I think I'm okay with that. (P.S. That's my New Year's resolution - be okay with life.)

Happy New Year.


  1. Sorry to disappoint you by reading. I was wondering where that the heck you were!

    Engaged, huh? Congrats. I have a million questions that I would like to ask, but I'll abstain out of respect. All the best!

  2. No need to abstain, I love questions. :)

    And, I'm secretly happy that I still have a few people who I might bother to read this thing - but don't tell anyone!

  3. Congratulations to you and Shinobi. I'm sorry that her family are being such asses about it, though.

  4. Thank you very much. :)

    We're not too surprised about their disapproval. They are evangelical Christians, after all. But, it's still not very fun to have people who are rooting for your relationship to fall apart (although, they call that 'god's will).

  5. They also call it "loving". Messed definition of love those people who pray for disaster to fall on others.