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Saturday, January 8, 2011


I've mentioned before that the non-profit that I work for is a feminist organization. We work with victims of domestic and sexual violence and stalking - and those victims are primarily women.

But of our ten full time, five part time, and four americorps staff members, I am the only lesbian. The only one. The rest of my coworkers have male partners who they love and care for. Many of them have male sons who they are raising. So, it is hardly as if we are an organization of man-haters.

But, there is an investment in maintaining oppressive stereotypes. I get that.

Regardless...I'm disappointed.

Is this really the way most men think about feminism?


  1. God, that video is depressing!

    Except for Anthony. Yay, Anthony! You go, boy!

    I know - he's the token voice of reason (more or less) in a video populated by ignoramuses. The thing is, we don't know how many people were interviewed and how heavily the tape was edited, which raises the question of the interviewers' agenda.

    I'm a feminist who's been married nearly 32 years and have raised 2 sons. If my husband didn't know about my feminism before our first date, he learned about it really quickly. On the night he proposed to me, early in my sophomore year of college, I told him I would only marry him if I finished school too. Obviously, he agreed. My sons have always known about my feminism, and I don't think they've been emasculated by it.

    What really disturbed me about the video was the woman who had internalized the anti-feminist sympathies. Stockholm Syndrome, anyone?

  2. I think it depends on a man's age. The older they are the more macho they are. The younger they are, the more pluralist they are. The next generation of women will have a better time with the stuff.

  3. The Chaplain:

    It is a depressing video, but I think you are right regarding the editing. (And maybe it even matters where in New York City you go - there are probably certain places that are more pro/anti feminist.)

    And I know so many women with internalized anti-feminist sympathies. That scares me even more than men being anti-feminist.

    P.S. I'm glad that your feminism didn't turn your son gay. ;) It must be such a relief for you.


    Do you think that is really the case?

    Sometimes, it seems that way. Other times, I am completely shocked by the way some 20 year old men view the world. I wonder if things have really 'improved.' (At least in the past generation - they undoubtedly have improved since the 50s...but, have they since 1990? I'm not sure. Things feel a bit static as of late in terms of feminism.)