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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sick & Busy & Quick Interesting News Roundup

So, I've been non-stop busy...and then, when I finally got a chance to rest, I got sick. Isn't that the way it goes?

There have been lots of things that I've been wanting to blog about, though.

1) NH made national news! But, it is because one of our largest newspapers, out of our biggest cities, refuses to publish engagement and wedding announcements for same-sex couples. And, then, The Union Leader claims that this is not because it is "anti-gay." Which begs the question, can you be pro-gay but anti-same sex marriage? I would say no.

2) Juan Willians was fired from NPR. And, now, the question becomes, can you be fired for being intolerant? NPR is arguing yes, but conservatives, in an ironic twist, are on the side of free speech. I initially sided with my beloved NPR, but, the more I consider, the less sure I become. Certainly, if Juan Williams was voicing his opinion of being pro-choice or pro-same-sex marriage, I would not want him fired for expressing those opinions. So, can a journalist not express opinions, or can they not express intolerant opinions? The jury is still out - and NPR's funding is hopefully not in danger.

3) Sanity was restored, for a day. And, if anything, it produced some signs and poked fun at the ludicrousness of the tea party movement. But, will it encourage all of those people to not be apathetic about voting and keep liberals in political offices? Who knows.


  1. Glad to see you back! It sounds like you over worked yourself a bit.

    I heard the Rally to Restore Sanity outdid Glenn Beck's earlier rally in crowd size. I would like to think that indicates more people are reasonable in this country than might be at first supposed.

  2. By the way, the refusal of the Union Leader to publish engagement and wedding announcements for same-sex couples is downright callous and petty minded. Unacceptable nowadays.

  3. There have been a couple crowd size comparisons floating around the internets, including this one: http://i.imgur.com/ABU19.jpg . And, you're right, it looks like the 'sane' outnumber those who are less so. :)

    I, unfortunately, am not too shocked by the Union Leader. They've always been a conservative newspaper. Their comment sections online is particularly revealing - everything is Obamacare this and feminazi that. It's unfortunate, however, that you are still allowed to be considered 'news' when you are so obviously biased.

  4. "It's unfortunate, however, that you are still allowed to be considered 'news' when you are so obviously biased."

    Quite true! And, it's unfortunate you can be a goddamned homophobe and your opinion still matters to many people.

  5. Is it too Nathaniel Hawthorne if we asked for the 'goddamned homophobes' of the world to be tattooed with those words so we can pick them out from a crowd and know who to avoid?

    (The answer is yes, but it would make my life easier.)

  6. I think they would volunteer to be tattooed -- and even pay for it themselves -- if we convinced them getting tattooed was a sure way to prevent gay marriages.

    I've always suspected homophobes were self-loathing or in denial closet homosexuals, Astasia -- like Ted Haggard, for instance.

  7. Shinobi, my lovely girlfriend, has tried to make the same point - she has pointed to a number of homophobes who have been discovered soliciting male prostitutes and the like - but I'm not sure I entirely believe that that accounts for all of them. While being a homophobe is a great cover for actually being gay, I think some of them must just be looking for a scape goat for the perceived 'problems' and 'downfall' of society.

    Or, maybe I just hope that that is the case because I really, really don't want someone like Ted Haggard to be gay. It just gives me an ewwy feeling.

  8. If your girlfriend says it, it's bound to be true.

  9. That's 'cause my girlfriend be so smart.