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Monday, October 4, 2010

Gliese 581g

Who knew astronomers actually did something?

Ones who work for Carnegie Institute in Washington and the University of California at Santa Cruz do, at least. After eleven years, they found a planet that could, potentially, be inhabitable to life. It has the right temperature conditions, the potential for having liquid water, and an atmosphere that may be able to support life. (It's also not known if there is oxygen, but even if there isn't, some bacteria don't need it anyhow.)

According to Steven Vogt, co-discover, he believes that there is a "100% chance" of life existing on Gliese 581g.

So, if we found Earth 2.0, what does this mean for the various religions? How do you mesh the concept of life on another planet with current religious viewpoints? It will be interesting to see the reaction (or, maybe, the reaction will just be the standard response: see my previous post for the formula).

How would it change your world view if 'aliens' became scientific fact?

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